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Lana Parrilla in Regard Magazine [Part 2/2].

Lana Parrilla in Regard Magazine [Part 1/2].

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Hi! Abt the video you were asking abt. I found it on facebook, here is the link (hope it works) (.)facebook(.)com/video/video(.)php?v=10150302214363204

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OUAT Prompt?

AU: Snow White and Regina were able to reunite as a family before the first curse was cast, thus Emma being raised in the Enchanted Forest.

However, the princess was born with a heart defect.

Regina, believing this an opportunity to redeem herself and wanting nothing more than for the child to live, replaces the defected organ with a piece of her own on the promise that Emma will never learn of her dark history.

Flash forward several years when Emma has thrived into a young lady, yet with her so-claimed “superpower” for detecting lies and all the gumption and demeanor of a typical teenaged boy—dressing, riding, hunting, playing and the like that her parents deem improper for the assumed next in line to the throne—and still too young for romance.

Perhaps it’s their kindred spirits or the connection they share from each half of one heart, Emma and Regina are rather close in a maternal sort of way. The brunette is still stubborn and sassy as ever, having stepped down in order for her step-daughter to take over as rightful ruler, equally shared with husband David/James, and aged rather gracefully while sustaining the regal flair of her former sense of style, she stands up and covers for the blonde more often than not.

As the transformed matriarch of the family, Snow, moreso than Charming, turns to Regina for anything from advice to solace. Displays of affection are a rarity and mostly held for Emma who secretly cherishes them all, with an exception of a love interest (Hood, Hook, huntsman, or other).

It has always been known that all magic comes with a price and that price, unfortunately, comes in the form of a new darkness (Rumple, Cora, or Zelena) and interrupts the royal’s peacefully settled lives—reluctantly forcing Regina to revert back to her Evil Queen ways in order to protect the ones she’s come to hold dear.

But with only half of her heart, albeit one of the most powerful practitioners of magic there is, her energy takes a toll and has since left her drained rapidly. And just as Emma starts to show signs with the gift of magic as well, one of true love.

Self-convinced of her family’s betrayal after learning that the infamous Evil Queen of legend is real and in fact the person she trusts most, Emma pulls away and right into the waiting arms of the enemy.

Can be the princess be saved before damage is done to them or herself?

Would love for someone to take this on! Please message me if interested!

When he’s met with nothing but silence from the other side of the door, David musters up the courage to open it and sticks his head in first, mentally kicking himself for the promises he’s breaking by this simple act alone—to the church and to his bride-to-be.

Amanda, in her custom-made flower girl dress and tight curls, swings her stocking-clad legs from where she sits by the window, worrying the lace of her gloves. Daniel keeps watch in his sharp tux, a velvet box stuffed in his pocket.

"Vic—?" David whispers from behind the cracked doorway, brow angled down in concern until he takes in the brunette in her own gown and the mascara-stained tissue dabbing at her nose. "Oh Victoria, you look absolutely beautiful. But why are you crying?"

Her attention snaps away from the mirror, revealing panicked watery eyes. “I’m pregnant,” she blurts.

And it doesn’t take a second for him to reach her side and engulf her in his embrace, holding her close, planting kisses to her temple, rubbing soothing circles on her back, slightly swaying from side to side, and all the while smiling like a fool.

"Listen," Emily says after a moment of silence, casting a wayward glance round her from prying ears of yet another Grayson monstrosity, and lifts the receiver closer to her mouth. "I’m going to try and bust out of here."

"I’ve got to get back for Nolan," she goes on to explain.

Aiden hesitates, offering a low noncommittal hum before speaking, “…don’t rush back on my account.”

"I just said…it was for Nolan."

"And I just meant, maybe you ought to try to stay and fix this thing with your sister for once and for all."

"Why are you so worried about this?" The blonde’s beginning to get really annoyed and if by the expression on the waiter’s face who’s shying away is any indication, it might be best to get herself in check should anyone more analytical passes by.

Or worse—Victoria.

"You’re right, I’m sorry." he sighs, taking a proverbial step back. "You sound as if you have things under control and I didn’t mean to step on your toes. But at least leave on a good note rather than slipping out the back."

She heaves a heavy breath of her own and seeks Charlotte out with her eyes, spotting her with the rest of New York’s socialites ready to blow out candles. “Thank you,”

"What for?"

"For doing what you did just now. For doing what you always do—saving me from myself."

She can hear the grin on his face, “I’ll be upstairs.”

5 Sentence Fics!

Hey guys, heads up, I’m going to be filling out prompts all day tomorrow!
Some of you have been messaging me about them and I want to reassure that I haven’t forgotten nor am I quitting, I simply haven’t had a lot of free time lately.
For those of you who’ve sent me a prompt but have yet to see it posted, fear not! I still have a whole bunch left in my inbox and I don’t delete them until they’re filled. Plus, on a side note, I don’t exactly go in order. If inspiration doesn’t strike right away, I move on and come back later.
If you’re just joining us, all ships apply and anonymous prompts are accepted. However, user prompts tend to be written faster.
All past posts can be found on the “5 sentence fics” link at my navigation on my page, so go check them out if you haven’t already. You may find a new OTP (:
Keep your eyes peeled and your mouse ready!

Holy mother of…

Holy mother of…

They’re just so cute, I just want to cuddle them!

They’re just so cute, I just want to cuddle them!

Hi love what you do! Could you do a fan fiction of Victoria and pascals night together? We only got to see a kiss in 'addiction' thanks xoxo



I’m not taking one-shot requests at the moment, but I can write a 5 sentence fic (:

This is it, I try lol. Thank you if you read <3 Love your blog. Bye, see you

All you need to do now is finish writing it, acquire a beta, then post it on FanFiction, because I’m telling you—you’ll get reviews.

There simply isn’t enough Vemily stories out there to satisfy all of us shippers!

And thank you for the complement, darling, come visit me anytime (: