So, last night’s episode of Once Upon A Time “Fruit Of The Poisonous Tree” resolved other characters rather then explaining much about Regina. It actually left me with more questions. For example…

  1. What the hell was this love that Regina lost?
  2. Where did she come from?
  3. What did Snow White do to her that betrayed her so badly? And does this have anything to do with the first question?

I personally thought she looked absolutely stunning in this episode; softer. I liked this side of Regina, but don’t misunderstand— I adore her evil side as well.

I cannot believe she was about to kill herself, but I did believe she was using Sidney/Genie/Magic Mirror from the start, after he gave her the hand mirror. That’s when she probably realized she could use him for her advantage.

I wasn’t surprised but I wasn’t exactly dissappointed either. I just want some more back story on my favorite character. Is that too much to ask?


Did anyone else notice in the fairytale world, that King Leopold introduced her as Regina. The only character in the whole show that has the same name in both worlds. How about that.

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